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Pressure Washer

Item sponsored by Hunter French

Powerful 1800W Pressure Washer featuring an impressive rated bar of 100. This means it'll make light work of all you outdoor cleaning requirements.

The power is complimented by a wide range of accessories including; patio cleaner, variable lance, turbo lance and a fixed brush – ideal for car wheels or conservatories.

NB: The turbo lance is so powerful, it is only suitable for very hard wearing surfaces such as stone and patios.

You will need a garden hose to connect the pressure washer to your water supply. This will require a male connection on each end and a female attachment on your tap

Maneuverability is a key feature of this pressure washer. Not only does it have a long handle and sturdy wheels, it has additional wheels so you can even use it on its side and it will follow you round like a vacuum cleaner.

The built-in detergent tank means you can effortlessly switch between foam or water, without the need for a separate detergent bottle; making your job easier.

1800 Watt universal motor.
6m High pressure hose.
6m Mains cable.
Flow rate 420 litres/hour.
Maximum temperature of 40°C.
On board storage.
Quick connector.
Rated bar of 100 with a maximum bar of 150.
Suitable for medium to heavy duty tasks.
Wheeled for ease of use.
Weight 10.5kg.

Accessories included:
Car wash brush, low pressure detergent gun, nozzle cleaning tool, patio cleaner, pressure adjustable lance and a standard lance.