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Cake Decorating Projector

For cake-decorating perfection put a cake on the 300XK's baseboard or directly place it on any flat surface. After projecting a picture, you can begin tracing the lines with a pastry brush or icing tube.

Also good for detailed work with arts and crafts.

Easy to set up and use, it will enlarge your photograph up to 300% or reduce it to 70% using the 250w halogen lamp, giving bright and clear projection.

It will also project horizontally onto a wall or canvas, and when used this way can enlarge up to 2500% (3.6 x 3.6m or 12 x 12 feet).

'For best results - use in a darkened room'.

The baseboardmeasures 35.5 x 51cm (14 x 16"), and the maximum image that can be placed in the projector is 15 x 15cm (6 x 6"). The Kopykake 300XK weighs only 7.5kg.

Maximum Height is 104.1cm (41") With the extension tube it is 154.9cm (61")


1. To do horizontal projection, please dismount the device and do not use the stand.

2. The 300Xk has no feet so when using the projector on different surfaces they can get very hot.

Online cake-decorating tutorial