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Pasta-Making Set

This fabulous quality 9 piece Imperia pasta-making set includes all the necessary tools and gadgets to make a variety of fresh homemade pasta, including tagliatelle, lasagne, ravioli and more. The pasta machine is precision engineered in heavy-duty chrome-plated steel and is extremely easy to use with a detachable, rotating handle and a secure clamp that allows the machine to be firmly fixed to work surfaces when in use. The machine produces pasta in a maximum of 6 thickness settings and includes two cutters that fit onto the pasta machine to make tagliatelle 2mm, fettuccine 6,5mm, trenette 4mm, Capelli 1,5mm and lasagne sheets 150mm. Additional tools include a ravioli maker 3cmx3cm, pasty brush, roller for cutting 12cm wide pasta sheets and two wooden scoops, ideal accessories when making or finishing your fresh pasta.


pasta maker, clamp, detachable wooden handle, two detachable cutters, ravioli maker, pasta brush, pasta roller, two wooden scoops, instructions/recipe booklet

IMPORTANT: See notes on cleaning in the instruction booklet. This item must be cleaned with a dry cloth / brush. Never use water or detergent.