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VonShef Greek Yoghurt Maker/Machine 

  • VERSATILE – includes small and large containers to make regular and Greek-style yoghurt
  • LARGE CAPACITY – 1.8-litre tank can make up to 1400ml normal and 1200ml Greek yoghurt 
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – low temp operation means yoghurt is ready in 10 hours
  • EASY TO USE – simple on/off function switch and removable tank for easy cleaning

2 types of yoghurt, 1 clever machine… endless flavour possibilities. 

If you love yoghurt, make all your favourites at home with the VonShef Greek Yoghurt Maker.  

Normal or Greek?   

With two different containers, you can choose to make Greek or normal yoghurt with just one machine. Use the small container for normal yoghurt and the large straining container for Greek varieties.   

Product Specification 
1.8L capacity. Large enough to make 1400ml normal or 1200ml Greek yoghurt  
One-touch operation. Once your container is filled, simply pop it inside the main unit and turn it on.

Healthy Eating   

Greek yoghurt is low in calories and packed with calcium and live bacteria, resulting in a probiotic snack that’s thicker and creamier yet contains less sugar than alternatives.   


The great thing about owning your own yoghurt maker is having the option to try new flavours, or even create your own concoctions.  You’ll find a couple of recipe ideas included in the instruction manual to get you started.