Energy Saving Kit - HOEM2 In SHARE Now

Put together, the items in this energy saving kit will help you monitor the energy use, temperature and humidity in your home and get the most from your heating system and the energy you use. For the best energy saving results, we also recommend that you borrow our thermal imaging camera. Please look for this item separately in our catalogue.  

This kit contains:

  • An energy saving power meter
  • Temperature/Humidity Monitor
  • Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
  • Radiator Bleeding Key
  • Set of instructions for all the items included

Should you find that your home is damp, we have dehumidifiers you can borrow and these come with a leaflet giving you more information about how to reduce damp and condensation in the home. 

For more energy saving tips and support go to, contact CSE's free advice line on  0800 082 2234 or email